Alcohol and FODMAPs

The festive season brings with it many things including alcohol. I know that many of us will be drinking or offered drinks tonight to celebrate the new year. Find a picture below with some FODMAP friendly alcoholic drinks. Remember that alcohol is an irritant to the gut and many still trigger IBS symptoms despite these drinks being low FODMAP. Limit your intake to 2 units of alcohol. Have a look a this website to know what a unit is. Click here! Remember drink safely and do not drink and drive. I would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy new year and may 2015 be better than the last.


If you suffer from coeliac disease or have gluten sensitivity beer is not suitable.

2 thoughts on “Alcohol and FODMAPs

    1. Tonic water has not been tested for FODMAPs yet however I would think that a tonic water which is made with sugar should be safe. Read the labels on different brands of tonic water and avoid those with artificial sweeteners as these can trigger symptoms. Also keep in mind alcohol is an irritant to the gut so be careful with the amount you have at one sitting. Some people also find carbonated drinks make them bloat. Ultimately it’s about finding your personal triggers and tolerances. Hope this helps.


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